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This is the catchall post for calling, messaging or just getting ahold of Azula using magic, technology or messenger hawk. Whatever you need.

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OOC Information

Player: Al
Contact Information:
Alkapwnd on plurk
spacepiratecatdude on skype
ibechibb on AIM


Canonpoint: From the end of part 3 of The Search trilogy
Age: 17
Wish: "I wish to rise up and reclaim my rightful place as ruler of the Fire Nation."
Result: Dragon Wings that can magically appear from her back as dragons are greatly respected among her culture placing her one step closer to the power and control she craves.
Weapon: Claw Gauntlets
Outfit: The Blue Dragoness


» Firebending - Fire creation and manipulation from her fists, feet and mouth. Her fire bending is normally overwhelmingly powerful but she'll be irritated to find in this world her flames are not as powerful as they once were. Over time and through experience she has managed to hone her magical fire so it burns less of her soul gems mana supply.

» The Blue Dragoness -
Azula's body can take on multiple draconian traits.
Dragon wings which she can use to carry herself and up to two people into the air and fly at high speeds. They also prove useful for shielding herself.
Dragon eyes which glow faint blue when she's mad and allow her to see over great distances and in the dark.
Dragon Tail which is thick, prehensile and powerful which can be used to grapple with or attack offensively or defensively.
Dragon Horns on her head that can produce bolts of lightning. They are for now only powerful enough to stun.

» Kemurikage smoke form: Azula is able to shroud herself in black smoke and become an swift moving intangible wrath for a limited time. Unable to touch or be touched this form is best for avoiding damage and escaping or sneaking into places. However being that she is smoke she is susceptible to obstacles such as wind, weather and solid objects. She can only pass around solid objects not through them. This power is only usable once a day.


I am OK with most things, Fourth Walling, violence, romance ect. But if you ever have any questions please contact me.

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Player name: Al
Contact info: Alkapwnd on plurk, spacepiratecatdude on skype, ibechibb on aim
Other characters currently played: N/A

Character name: Azula
Age: 18
Canon: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Canonpoint: After "The Search: Part 3"


Cruel and cunning, Azula was not always such a wicked girl, but growing up princess of the Fire Nation and being hailed as a prodigy gave her a sense of superiority and a need for perfection that would grow out of control the older she got. She drilled herself on her techniques every day to perfect them never even allowing herself a hair out of place or she would have to perform the move again.

Naturally being the Princess of the Fire Nation she grew up believing that the war they were waging on the rest of the world was right and good. That she and her family had a divine right to rule so of course anyone who got in their way was stupid and insignificant. She didn't even have any sympathy or concern for her Uncle Iroh when he lost his son to the war. Instead she considered him a quitter for having lost the heart for battle.

Growing up, she was doted on by her father who wanted to nurture her natural talent to make her the best fire bender and warrior he possibly could. This was contrasted by her mother who doted on Azula's brother Zuko to make up for the way their father ignored and was strict with him. As such Azula would grow jealous of all the extra attention Zuko got from their mother and would pick on him and torment him despite being the younger sibling. In return Zuko would run to his mother and she would scold Azula only increasing the rift between them. During her childhood Azula also demonstrated a lack of empathy for small animals such as the turtle ducks in their garden.

She is not completely unable to make friends however, but she would only seek out those who would prove useful to her. Her two closest friends Mai and Ty Lee each have a particular skill they excel at and Azula in time learned how to perform them as well. She expected absolute loyalty from her friends however and used fear and manipulation to control them just as she did everyone else around her from her servants to other members of her family. She even reacted with outright hostility when Ty Lee performed an acrobatic move better then her, shoving her over despite their "Friendship." This was not the first or last time Azula would demonstrate her hyper competitive nature such as later in her teen years taking a friendly game of Kuai ball WAY too seriously and dominating the competition so hard that she felt like she had to rub it in with a speech while their net burned.

She was even hyper competitive in romance, at one point singling out the most popular boy in the area they were having a vacation in and marking him as a conquest. With a little advice from Ty Lee she was able to fake being insipid and air headed till he kissed her. With the kiss seen as a victory she declared they would rule the entire beach as strongest couple. Her passion for victory and conquest however frightened him off. It was just as well, the only people who could really tolerate Azula's natural not-insipid-fake personality is Ty Lee and Mai.

She very rarely showed any empathy towards them save for one time making Ty Lee cry via cruel remarks. She did actually apologize in that moment and admitted to having been jealous. But soon after it was back to controlling and manipulating as per usual.

Unfortunately it's that same method of control that came to bite her in the end. After manipulating Mai and Zuko to become a couple, Mai's love for Zuko was greater then her fear of Azula and so she betrayed Azula when the princess tried to kill her brother for the good of the fire nation. When Azula lashed out against Mai because of this Ty Lee betrayed her as well to protect Mai and the end result was Zuko escaped, and Azula ordered her two former friends locked up. Their betrayal would haunt her for weeks to come, triggering a sense of paranoia which grew and grew till she could not even trust her loyal handmaidens, bodyguards or teachers. She began irrationally banishing them all from the fire nation as her paranoia and anger overcame her willpower and self control.

Without the support, respect and submission of those around her Azula grew only more frazzled, beginning to hallucinate, lashing out at her servants, her mirrors and even her own hair. It didn't help that her father, the only person she had left to attach to left her behind to rule the fire nation as he set out to rule the world. She saw this as her father deciding she was too dangerous to keep close. He had created a monster and now he wanted to keep it at arms length.

Things only got worse for Azula's mental state after her defeat at the hands of her brother. She suffered a severe mental breakdown, throwing a tantrum while chained to the ground spewing fire and sobbing uncontrollably. She was subdued and sent away to a mental health facility where they attempted to help her piece together her shattered psyche. While she was able to find calm again, her mind was never the same. Short tempered, paranoid and constantly obsessing with revenge. When called upon to help Zuko locate their mother she had enough frame of mind to join him and try to manipulate him to her advantage, however she reacted with force to things that irritated her and still suffered paranoid psychotic breaks. Eventually she tried to kill her mother and her mother's new family but couldn't go through with it and ran off when it was revealed that Zuko would love her unconditionally no matter what she had done. Love continues to be a confusing and upsetting subject for Azula. After all what could be more powerful then fear?

Wish: "I wish to rise up and reclaim my rightful place as ruler of the Fire Nation." In her madness and fury Azula is desperate to take revenge on her brother, finally overcome her mother issues and take back the respect, adoration and power she feels she deserves. Granting her the ability to sprout wings and fly, along with the chance to earn more powers will eventually provide her with what she needs to rise up over her own weaknesses and imperfections so she may get what she believes she wants more then anything. In her heart though all she really wants is the love of her parents, a brother she can respect and the respect and support of her friends who betrayed her. If she can use this world to her advantage and actually keep her soul uncorrupted maybe she'll learn how to earn those things as well.

The wish will take form in a pair of thick leathery blue dragon wings sprouting at her will from her back.

Power: Fire creation and manipulation from her fists, feet and mouth. Her fire bending is normally overwhelmingly powerful but she'll be irritated to find in this world her flames are not as powerful as they once were. Larger attacks are more exhausting and of course she has to worry about the toll they take on her soul gem. She'll have to work on balancing her magical firepower with her physical skill and rebuilding her talent for tactics.

Weapon: Claw Gauntlets



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